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Outstanding Academic Environment

At IIMT University, every student finds a stimulating environment conducive to learning and experimentation. Regular interaction with researchers, teachers, and industry experts give the students a creative edge. Our class room lectures feature creative discussions and out of the box thinking. Through such lectures, students are inspired and gain motivation to cover the subjects in depth.

Besides traditional lectures where subjects are covered in depth, greater emphasis is given on active learning. Active learning consists of group work, discussions and presentations.

The students are given projects, related to their discipline and encouraged to come with unique ideas which other stakeholders make use of. In this way, the university not only maintains but continuously improves its academic environment.

Top Level Career Planning and Mentoring

Career Counselling

The IIMT University through its career centre provides full support to students in their career planning. Through the scientific process of career guidance, students’ strengths and weaknesses are identified and their orientation is assessed.

The support covers a whole gamut of steps right from assessment, advice, planning and implementation. The implementation part is customized for every student and based on his/her strengths, weaknesses and orientation.

At department level also the student is mentored by a faculty who regularly monitors his attendance, performance in class test and other activities to provide proper guidance, if necessary.


Besides one-on-one interaction between the Career Counsellor and the student, following activities are regularly conducted:


  • Meeting with another student/peer advisor

  • Meeting with Alumni

  • Meeting with Industry Professional

  • Career Seminar