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IIMT has developed learner-centered pedagogy with a blend of theory and practical training in addition to class room lectures. The teaching is supplemented by practical Case Studies, Audio- Visual Presentations, Management Games, Situational Role Plays, Group Discussions, Debates etc.

The delivery tools for the course material are formulated into a manner which enables the student to grasp the fundamentals quickly and acquire deep knowledge with a ease of learning. A learner-centered environment grows out of curricular decisions and in-class strategies which encourage students’ interaction with the content, with one another and the teacher, and with the learning process. It encourages students’ reflection, dialogue and engagement and it requires a reliable assessment of their content mastery.

IIMT follows a magnanimous learner centric pedagogy that focus on all the basic introspects for all round development of its students.

With full security and empowerment of the learner in every phase of educational hierarchy we are committed towards a common goal. At IIMT, synchronized stigma of educational growth is developed at every level of education and learning.