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IIMT believes in providing professional education with human values. Ragging is form of brutality that can never be tolerated in an educational institution with ethics.

Safety and Security

High level Safety and Security are provided in all hostel premises and a strict vigil is maintained to eradicate ragging in any form. Fresher students are divided into small groups and are affiliated to individual teachers who act as their advisors and counsellors. Psychologist at IIMT  sensitizes senior students, freshers and staff against ragging.

Ragging Free Campus

When students rag some body, they tend to forget the limits and inflict injury. At times, this can destroy careers. The Supreme Court has, therefore, issued strict guidelines to prevent ragging in colleges and other educational institutions.

SC Committee

Most of the recommendation made by the SC Committee on Ragging headed by former CBI Director RK Raghvan, were accepted by the Supreme Court. Even prior to the R.K. Raghvan Commission report and its directions, our institutions had strict procedures to curb the menace of ragging in our campus.

Our Proctorial Board

Our Proctorial Board and Anti-Ragging Squad keep a close vigil on the activities of the students and take all appropriate measures to prevent ragging and bullying of any form. There is a provision of immediate rustication of the senior students found indulging in ragging.