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The university has excellent world class sports facilities at its campus to facilitate 360 . degree growth of its students.  

Shooting Academy

The University has provided a 10 point,10 meter air pistol/rifle indoor shooting academy. The academy is fully air conditioned and is equipped with electronic target facility with full time trainer with a national ranking. A number of students trained at the academy have won state and national championship.




Horse Riding Academy

The University has provided horse riding academy for its students. The University boasts of one of the best stables in the city.






Gym (Gymnasium)

The University provides its students with state-of-the-art gymnasium facility with full time trainers. Threadmills, Abdominal board, bench press, upright rowing, packback, vibrator, leg extension machine, multi-machine are some of the equipment provided. There is separate gym timing for Boys and Girls.




Kabaddi Ground

It’s not only to learn modern day games and sports but its equally important to conserve the Indian traditional sports. IIMT university has provided its students with Kabaddi ground. Various competitions are held here every year.





Swimming Pool

The university has provided an indoor swimming pool with full time swimming coach separate for boys and girls along with Life Guard. The 50 feet X 25 feet pool is regularly cleaned to maintain health and hygiene of the users. There is a dedicated filter plant for purifying the swimming pool water. There is separate time for boys and girls. Male and female changing rooms, complete with showers and toilets, are situated next to the pool.




The University has a Volleyball court. This outdoor court’s length is 18m long and 9m wide. The playing surface consists of levelled sand, free of rocks, else which represent risk of injuries to players.






Basket Ball Court

The IIMT University has two outdoor synthetic Basket Ball courts equipped with movable basketball poles.







IIMT Cricket Academy

The IIMT Cricket Academy, with its state-of-the-art facilities and renowned coaches, promises to provide quality training to budding cricketers. Through our structured coaching programs, regular matches and advisory sessions with experts, young talents are encouraged to become good cricketers. The Academy is open to outsiders as well. There are a number of potential cricketers who are undergoing training and find it an excellent place to develop themselves as professional cricketer.

Badminton Court

The IIMT University has outdoor badminton court for students to boost their interest in sports and to enjoy curricular activities other than studies.