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Department of chemistry is an integral part of Basic Sciences. IIMT University offers three years B.Sc. degree in chemistry.

Chemistry is the study of properties and composition of matter and their interactions. B. Sc. in chemistry provides a backbone in all the traditional branches of physical, inorganic, organic and analytical chemistry. Students will learn the laboratory and practical techniques needed for the later years of the studies. One can grab a job with this degree or he can go for higher studies which will improve their educational qualification.

Future Perspective

A good Chemistry degree opens the door to an extensive choice of careers. Chemistry provides an excellent opportunity for the development of critical faculties and intellect. Chemistry graduates go on to do research or further study. Others enter professions such as publishing and marketing, banking and finance, manufacturing, IT, law and teaching.

Unique Features
  • IIMT University has started its chemistry programme by integrating sustainability issues throughout its curriculum, adopting sustainable operations, and building research facilities on campus.

  • Covers broad range of areas including: synthesis and catalysis, medicinal and biological chemistry, sustainable energy, advanced materials, innovative measurement and theoretical and computational chemistry.

  • The programme is unique as it integrates interdisciplinary approach using case-based examples from live projects, research assignments, global classroom teaching, interactive sessions, theater, conferences, seminars and active use of information and communication technology.


This course will be run in three academic years having six semesters. Under this program, the course structure shall be broadly divided into two groups.

(A) B.Sc. in Maths Group: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, & Statistics
(B) B.Sc. in Bio Group: Zoology, Botany, & Chemistry

Subject Combinations
Math’s Group: Physics, Maths and Chemistry
Statistics Group: Physics, Maths and Statistics
Bio Group: Zoology, Botany and Chemistry

  • Eligibility

    10+2 PCB/PCM with 40% marks

  • Duration

    3 Years

Admission Process

  • On Merit Basis: PI
  • Personal Interview