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Post Graduate



IIMT University offers two years M.Sc. degree in Physics.

Physics is concerned with the study of the universe from the smallest to the largest scale. The language of physics is mathematics: formulating physical theories sometimes requires new mathematical structures. Physics is a fundamental science and a practical subject. Many techniques used in medical imaging, nanotechnology and quantum computing are derived from physics instrumentation. Even the World Wide Web was a spin-off from the information processing and communications requirements of high-energy particle physics.

Career Perspective

Physics provides the foundation for our modern technological society. At IIMT, we take pride in offering a high quality program of study in physics with several options to suit many different career goals.

Unique Features

  • Physics department provides a supportive atmosphere, close student-faculty interactions and many opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research projects in the areas of experimental materials physics, computational materials physics, surface physics, optical spectroscopy, computational biophysics and science education.

  • A well-qualified and caring faculty specializing in several areas of physics research as well as in physics and science education.

  • An emphasis on student involvement in projects and research; students report their work at state, regional, and national scientific meetings.

  • The programme is unique as it integrates interdisciplinary approach using case-based examples from live projects, research assignments, global classroom teaching, interactive sessions, field visits, theater, conferences, seminars and active use of information and communication technology.

  • University’s Network Administration Department and Incubation Research Centre helps in giving live training.



  • Eligibility

    B. Sc. with 45% marks

  • Duration

    2 Years

Admission Process

  • On Merit Basis: GD/PI
  • Personal Interview