Post Graduate



(Structural Engineering)

M.Tech. in Structural Engineering aims to provide civil engineering graduates with an advanced conceptual understanding in, and advanced knowledge and technical skills required for analyses and design of structures such as dams, bridges, pipelines, roads, towers and buildings, transport systems, harbors, airports, and railways.

Career Perspective

Such postgraduates can explore lucrative career opportunities in areas of structural design and construction, offshore design and construction, oil and gas sector, bridge design, construction management, and hydraulic structure design. Engineers specializing in this field design all kinds of structures from houses, theatres, sports stadia and hospitals, to bridges, oil rigs, and offshore structures. .Successful postgraduates of the course interested in pursuing further studies in the discipline may go for pursuing Ph.D. in Structural Engineering.


  • Eligibility

    B.Tech with 55% & relevant subjects

  • Duration

    2 years

  • Admission Process
  • On Merit Basis
  • GD/Personal Interview