Research & Development Patents-2016

15 Feb 2017


Research & Development Patents-2017


  • Sanjeevani – A device for medical field     (under process)                                       


Sanjeevani  is a device that will create a revolution in the field of hospitality. It serves the medical field as a watchdog for ignorance. 


  • Eco friendly Bio degradable paper material (under process)                                                


Today in this modern world, the humans are continuously degrading the nature by deteriorating the natural resources. The “eco friendly bio degradable paper material” is a step towards saving the nature.


 There are number of accidents in Indian Railway due to two trains running on same track, non closer of railway gates, fogging nights, derailment due to cracks in tracks and fire in bogies. This causes loss of lot of human lives, and loses to railway properties. These incidents forced us to think for the solutions for the above.


Protective device for electricity department (Provisional patent granted)-:   The device will be a protection equipment for the electricity department. This will be helpful in avoiding electrical hazards.


·         Job vacancy-  IIMT University offers the jobs in R & D to all IIMTians and the students from other institutions having innovative ideas and projects which lead to entrepreneurship and employability.