Student Festivals

To celebrate, commemorate and culminate our youth passion, IIMT University is lined up with a plethora of much exuberant cultural and technical events. It is a platform for students in bringing out the best in them as our young generation is filled with innovation and enthusiasm.

Everybody is born unique with a special flair which needs to be identified. We explore the colors of psyche and celebrate the vibrant shades of various cultural and technical events with student.

Celebrations are the most extravagant at IIMT University. The student body possesses great diversity in culture and tradition and they are given the liberty to carry forth their traditions and celebrate their festivals in a homely manner. Along with the common festivals of Diwali, Holi, etc. which are celebrated at a very large scale, the students also celebrate their regional festivals with great fervor. Along with different academic, cultural and sports fests, numerous celebrations such as founders’ day, Samagam (Alumni meet), Technovation fest, Teachers Day, Diwali fest, Vernal (Basant festival), etc add color to the life on campus at IIMT. These celebrations serve as a medium of interaction between cultures, exposing the students to the beauty and richness of Indian diversity and minimize the student-teacher hierarchy.