(Basic Training Certificate)

BTC is a full time two years program affiliated to SCERT, Lucknow and approved by NCTE. At IIMT University this program is being offered at College of Education and it aspires to prepare teachers for primary level of education. Primary schooling is a nurturing period of student life therefore, it require teachers who are well equipped with desired skills and competencies along with the knowledge of child psychology and pedagogy befitting to the needs of primary school students. Primary education is a back bone of the whole educational system, it requires tender care of children's curiosities and moulds them to different & distinctive characteristics and instrumentals which they posses.

Two year duration of this course provides very comprehensive scholastic and co-scholastic exposure of teaching and learning experiences to the teachers during BTC program. More emphasis is given to the practical orientation of theoretical knowledge. This program aims to teach student teachers how to orchestrate a dynamic training environment choosing and sequencing teaching learning activities and structuring a program so that each student learns continuously and effortlessly through the class room lectures. It is crafted to be a dynamic, participant centered, multi sensory learning format that must prove to accelerate learner's acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Career Perspective

There is a great dearth of teachers at primary level of education. Primary teachers are required in large number, therefore, the BTC student teachers after completing their course will get the job as per their demand is increasing day by day in Government and private schools. Student teachers, thus, equipped with various kinds of conceptual understanding, teaching competences and skills will find their way not only in our country but globally also.

Unique Features
  • Strengthening the conceptual understanding of different essential knowledge components reflected in papers such as child psychology, teaching learning principles etc.

  • Creating cognitively and emotionally oriented supportive class room environment.


  • Persuading student teachers to understand and give alley to the right channelization of the ambit of interests, intellectual capacities, corporative and competitive behavioural patterns.

  • Efforts are made to empower student teachers as to how values may be inculcated and transferred in student for their appropriate character building and moral awareness. Student teachers are trained in how comprehensive and continuous evaluation of performances is done.

  • Student teachers are trained in how comprehensive and continuous evaluation of performances is done.

  • Develop critical and creative use of pedagogy along with various kinds of skills and teaching competencies.

  • Emphasis is laid down on the all round development of the child personality. Throughout the year, student teachers performance is monitored and evaluated.


  • Eligibility


  • Duration

    2 Years

Admission Process

  • On Merit Basis
  • Personal Interview