Department of Physical Education


The department offers broad range of qualifications and study options, presently department is running B.P.E.S, B.P.Ed., M.P.E.S. & Ph.D course. Our teaching staff deliver the latest knowledge, theories and methods in their lecture, tutorials, laboratories and course book. Academic staff in the department of physical education are inspiration teachers of national repute for in their area of research and interest.

Unique features:-

Physical education and sports department having all essential and modern facilities of indoor as well as outdoor games. Computer lab with internet facilities. Sports psychology & Education lab, departmental library and other essential facilities.

The Department of physical education and sports organized a dozen of sports activities every to enhance the physical, social, mental and spiritual abilities of its students. Presently the department has developed its infrastructure for various sports facilities of the national level a basket ball, swimming, shooting, cricket and modernized gymnasiums. The department organized inter faculty tournaments of various indoor and outdoor games regularly academic year. 


Future perspective -

Department has designed and structured the different of physical education degrees to enhance knowledge and understanding of movement, health, sport, physical, yoga and outdoor education. Our degree opens the door to professional and vocational opportunities in many field including sports organization, government departments, research institutes, Primary and Secondary schools, Universities and private enterprise in India and around the World.