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B.Tech. (Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering)

B.Tech. Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering is a four year undergraduate program which is a well-known branch of engineering which deals with the study of aircraft and their system what is popularly known as rocket science. The program lay emphasis on the basics of aerospace development and designing. The study of B.Tech. Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering helps the students learn to design and develop aircrafts, shuttles, related equipments and effective solutions to theproblems. Aeronautical and Aerospace is one of the emerging fields of engineering which enables the students to get the specialized training in the aerospace design, production, development and testing. It is the prominent field of applied physics and engineering design. In the four year degree program the student will focus on the two major and overlapping branches aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. The aeronautical engineering focusses on the theory, technology and practice of flight within the atmosphere of the earth and astronautical engineering focusses on the science and technology of spacecraft, shuttles and launch vehicles.The demand for the aerospace and aeronautical engineer is high with increase in the demand of the industry. The aircraft manufacturing and airline servicing both the fields require the specialized engineer in aeronautical and aerospace field.

School of Engineering and Technology is the top private engineering college in U.P. that follows a career oriented approach. The college has adopted CBCS curriculum which provides the students to choose and learn interdisciplinary subjects which becomes value addition to their profiles. The four years of the program are divided into eight semesters which provides the students with the in-depth knowledge in the field of the aerospace. The experienced and qualified faculties deliver the quality education to the students. The continuous and comprehensive evaluation system ensures that all students are at par with each other. The program focusses on the plan, design, development and investigation of the science behind the powers and physical properties of rockets, aircraft and shuttle. The curriculum covers various fields such as designing, planning, structures, aerodynamics, avionics and framework of aircrafts. The aerospace engineering is the highly specialized field which includes the part of mechanical engineering like design and development of the aircrafts, shuttles and missiles.

During the tenure of the course the great emphasis is laid on training and development of the students to groom and enhance the overall personality of the students. The training team organizes special PDP sessions and conducts other personalized training modules to improve students' skills. The University has also forged links with institutions such as NPTEL, SWAYAM, Coursera and edX to offer open learning programs and certifications. Students are exposed to in-depth workshops and site visits to familiarize themselves with current prevailing trends in the industry. The minor project and the major projects are integrated into the semester to make the learning more experimental. The university offers best B.Tech. courses and focusses on the growth and development of the students. IIMT University has well-resourced Research and Development cell that inspire the students to come up with the innovative ideas and enhance their thinking abilities and develop smarter solutions to the real industry problems. The college promotes research activities and prepares students to achieve long term goals.

IIMT University, Meerut is the best private university for B.Tech. Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering which aims to deliver excellent education in the best academic settings. The college has modern infrastructure which promotes effective learning. The college has highly experienced faculties who guide and mentor the students with the different concepts and functioning of the aerospace industry. The four years program promises to bring a positive change in the personality of the student through a structured curriculum, robust infrastructure, well qualified and experienced faculties, industrial exposure, guest lectures by the eminent personalities from the specialized field.

Career Perspective

After the successful completion of the program the student can work as aerospace engineer, aircraft engineer, aircraft production manager, aerospace designer, aeronautical engineer and many more. These engineers primarily work in the aerospace industry. The student can also opt for the master’s degree program. The students are recruited in both government and private sectors according to the skills and knowledge. The top recruiters are NASA, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO), Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL), Airbus, Virgin, Bomabardier, TATA Aerospace, Wipro Aerospace, Mahindra Aerospace and many more. B.Tech. Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering is one among the exciting career field which enable the students to work within the field of aircraft and satellite manufacturing and servicing.