Diploma in Neonatal Care


Neonatal nursing is a branch of healthcare that focuses on providing care for infants who were born prematurely, or are suffering from health problems such as birth defects, infections, or heart deformities. Neonatal nurses are registered nurses who specialize in working with these young, vulnerable patients. Many neonatal nurses work in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), providing highly specialized medical care to at risk newborns.




Nurse practitioner

Nurse Midwife

Licensed practical/vocational nurse

Registered nurse

Physicain assiastant

Physical Therapist




Provide advanced knowledge and skills for the provision and coordination of evidenced based care for the neonate and their family.

To encourage professional and ethical understanding of clinical practice development for the improvement of patient outcomes.


Course is designed by specialist.


Students will supported by a team of clinical experts, working within the specialty.


Our electives allow students to further explore a specific area of interest such as neonatal intensive care or neonatal special care.