IIMT University faculty are leaders in their corresponding fields with years of unremitting excellence in the cutting-edge education industry. Incorporating the latest developments in every single department and program, IIMT University proves to be one of the illustrious universities, leading the way in research performance and in the ranks of our academic programs. Our teaching is industry-oriented, student-centric and research based, never losing our main objective of providing education to all.
  • Prof. Suraksha Pal

    M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D

  • Dr. T. S. Easwari

    M.Pharm, Ph.D, MBA, LLB

  • Dr. Anuj Kumar Chauhan

    M.Sc., MCA, M.Tech, Ph.D

  • Dr. Nirdesh Vashishtha

    M.Sc., MHRD, Ph.D

  • Ms. Asha Yadav

    B.Sc., PGDNA

  • Mr. Suresh Kumar Toor


  • Dr. Renu Mavi

    M.Sc., Ph.D

  • Dr. Sandeep Kumar

    B.Tech, MBA, Ph.D

  • Mr. Kapil Verma

    MCA, M.Tech

  • Dr. Aftab Ahmad

    MBA, SLET (Mgmt), Ph.D. (Mgmt)

  • Dr. Sugandha Shrotriya

    MBA, Ph.D

  • Dr. Anshu Teotia


  • Dr. Nasiruddin Ahmad Farooqui

    M.Pharm, MBA, Ph.D

  • Dr. Virendra Singh

    MA, Ph.D

  • Dr. Neeraj Sharma

    MCA, M.Tech, Ph.D

  • Dr. Sangeet Vashishtha

    M.Sc., MBA, PGDCA, Ph.D

  • Dr. Kanupriya

    PGDM, M.A. (Eco), Ph.D

  • Dr. Narendra Kumar Mishra

    M.Sc., LL.B., MJMC, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Pradeep Kumar

    LLB, MBA, UGC – NET, Ph. D

  • Dr. Manoj Sharma

    M.Com, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Aditya Sharma

    M.Sc., Ph.D

  • Dr. Rakhi Sharma

    M.Sc., Ph.D

  • Dr. Sandeep Sen

    M.Pharm, Ph.D

  • Dr. Praveen Kumar Gupta

    Ph.D., M.Com, MBA

  • Dr. Robins Rastogi

    MCA, MA(Maths), M.Tech, Ph.D. (CS)

  • Dr. Shailesh Gupta

    PGDM, MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D

  • Dr. Amit Gupta

    M.A., PGDBM, Ph.D

  • Dr. Pawan Tyagi

    MCA, Ph.D. (CS)

  • Dr. Devesh Gupta

    M.Com, MBA, M.Sc. (CS), Ph.D.

  • Dr. Rakesh Sharma

    M.Sc., Ph.D
  • Dr. Sunil Sharma

    MPT, Ph.D
  • Dr. Iram Mumtaz

    M.Sc., Ph.D
  • Dr. Preeti Shukla

    M.Sc., Ph.D
  • Dr. Geeta

    M.Sc., Ph.D
  • Dr. Deepali

  • Mr. Kuldeep Kumar

    M.Sc., M.Phil.
  • Mr. Vivek Verma

  • Ms. Pooja Sharma


  • Mr. Brijesh Kumar


  • Mr. Hussain Firoj Ansari

    B.Tech, M.Tech

  • Mr. Nirbhay Kumar

    MBA, M.Sc. (HM)

  • Ms. Ekta Sharma


  • Mr. Vinesh Kumar

    MCA, M.Tech

  • Mr. Atul Kumar

    MCA, MBA, M.Tech, OCP

  • Mr. Sunil Arora

    MCA, M.Tech

  • Mr. Deepak Pandey

    B.Sc. (HHA), M.Sc. (HM), MBA

  • Mr. Piyush Kumar

    MBA, LL.B

  • Mr. Harish Shah

    M.Pharm, (Ph.D)

  • Mr. Sandeep Kumar,


  • Mr. Sujeet Yadav

    B.Tech, M.Tech

  • Mr. Ashutosh Bhatnagar

    MCA, M.Tech (CE)

  • Mr. Amit Jain

    MCA, M.Tech(cs)

  • Mr. Rajeev Rastogi

    M.Sc. (Math), MBA

  • Mr. Sandeep Karnwal

    B.Tech, M.Tech

  • Dr. Bodhisatva Acharya

    L.L.B., L.L.M., Ph.D

  • Mr. Amit Kumar

    L.L.B., L.L.M., Ph.D(purs.)

  • Mr. Bodhisatva Seal

    M.Tech, B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Mr. Paresh Pathak

    M.Sc., MCA, M.Tech.( Computer Science)