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Department of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the science based technical education caring for good health of the people and society. It is an emerging health profession concerned with medicines, their stability and their rational use in the treatment and prevention of diseases. IIMT develops raw students into well qualified, true professionals who are expert in medicine with their great skills both in designing, formulation and stability studies by educating them in existing areas of Drug discovery, Formulation, Drug delivery etc. and providing them necessary trainings as well as laboratory practice.

The pharmaceutical education is an amalgamation of Medical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, pharmacology and toxicology.

Unique features

  • The department is equipped with specialized laboratories to fulfil individual departmental needs based on the programme.
  • Machine labs for tablets, capsules, ointments and coating of tablets.
  • A well developed research and development Lab for staff and students to experiment with astonishing rates.
  • A well facilitated animal house for pharmacology experimentation is in the campus itself.


PCI Approval

PCI  Approval

Future Perspective

There are tremendous opportunities for our young Pharmacy Graduates and Pharmaceutical Researchers n the field of drug research, drug design and development, quality assurance regulatory affairs, clinical research professional services, marketing of pharmaceutical products, drug inspector, drug analyst, teaching and research.