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Naturopathy revolves around the body’s own healing capability and hence encourages healing and self cleaning. Naturopathy and yoga both are good for healthy body and mind, by improving immune system make people more happy and stress free. Only stress can cause more than hundred diseases so we change the lifestyle of patient as well as give natural treatment like hydrotherapy, mudtherapy, diet therapy, acupressure and acupuncture therapy, magneto and chromotherapy, fasting therapy.
Indian government’s focus on encouraging yoga through formation of separate ministry AYUSH as well as organising an exclusive international yoga day on 21 june. The career in naturopathy and yoga is likely to be both fulfilling as well as lucrative.

Unique Features

  • Open and free academic environment.
  • Welcome to the future of medicine and healthcare.
  • 100% placement record.
  • Combining the knowledge of modern medicine and wisdom of traditional medicine.
  • Medical graduate course.
  • Health promotion, prevention, cure, Rehabilitation.

Courses Offered