Department of Library Science

"What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education." Harold Howe

Present era, specially the later half of 20th century has seen an unparalleled boom in the production of documents in almost all fields of knowledge, especially in Science and Technology. The ever increasing bulk of recorded information available in book form, non-book form or electronic form together with satellite data has created a formidable phenomenon called 'Knowledge or Information Explosion' or more appropriately, 'Information Revolution'. In fact, the traditional view of the library, as a store of information held locally, is being eroded as the library is becoming a gateway to information resources worldwide. Consequently, libraries as information centers and librarians as Information Scientists have attained significant positions in the modern society.

Department of Library Sciences is an integral part of Basic Sciences. IIMT University offers three years B.Sc. degree and two years M.Sc. degree in Library Sciences. Department will also offer the Ph.D. program in various disciplines of Library Sciences.

The computer based services that have transformed a modern library into electronic library include access to information-from local and remote databases through INTERNET, INTRANET, CD Networks, e-books, e-journals, computerized in-house library operations (such as acquisition, classification, cataloguing, circulation serial control etc.) in addition to electronic mail, file transfer, Barcode and other multimedia technologies. Of late the new concepts such as 'Library without walls', 'Virtual Library', 'Electronic Library' and 'Digital Library' have emerged. The resources of such libraries are available in digital form and can be accessed from any corner of the globe.

We at IIMT University provide the education in all advanced emerging trends of library science and helps our library professionals to equip themselves with the latest information and communication technologies.