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Department of Home Science

Home Science is the application of science to mould a student into a variety of life skills. This course imparts, them the knowledge and information to plan, undertake and succeed.

The study involves an interdisciplinary approach in synthesizing knowledge drawn from Physical, Biological, Social Science, Arts and Humanities which has enriched the educational programme. It enables an individual in improving their quality of life. The programme equips the student with the knowledge to carry life smoothly at home as well as to develop career in various fields of education, research, dietician, food preservation, dress-making, specialized cooking, textile designing, fashion designing and dress manufacturing, food preservation, food analysts, quality analysts, quality controllers and quality managers in government and private sector.

Unique features

  • Develops scientific attitude in students to achieve greater efficiency and bring a qualitative change in the life.
  • Provides formal training to shoulder all the responsibilities and cope up efficiently with multifarious demands of the time and energy.
  • Imparts knowledge to the students regarding various vocational areas of nutrition, textiles, clothing, childcare and psychology.
  • Develops a range of theoretical and practical skills that form an appropriate basis for subsequent professional employment.
  • Enhances the creativity amongst students, the Department of Home Science conducts different workshops related to Interior Management & Fine Arts.
  • Upgrades the intellectual level of the students, seminars and conferences are conducted from time to time by renowned resource persons such as Doctors, Dieticians, Medical Experts, Psychologists, Experts from NITRA etc.


The department has different laboratories which are well equipped and administered. To provide practical knowledge of the course and also to increase their reasoning abilities following laboratories have been set up.

  • Textile & Clothing Construction Laboratory
  • Food & Nutrition Laboratory
  • Human Development Laboratories
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Physics and Chemistry Laboratories
  • Extension Education Laboratory
  • Home Management Lab


Future Perspective

The University offers opportunities to gain qualification that is recognized all over the world. After completing the degree course, the students become eligible for higher studies. The students can be absorbed into following areas such as Dietetics, Fashion Designing, Food Industry, Interior Decoration, Quality Control, Food Preservation Industry, Textile Industry - Testing and Manufacturing in Export Industry Non Government Organizations, Education, Counselling and Psychiatry.