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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering typically deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. It also deals with many of the real- time problems faced by the world today such as electric power transmission and electrical machines. This field deals with every aspect of handling information from sensing and acquisition through communications, networking, switching, to processing and storage.

The aim of the department is to become the front runner in its domain by bringing out globally competent Electrical and Electronics Engineers, innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs. The department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering under IIMT College of Engineering offers various courses at undergraduate and post graduate level. value added educational experience through quality instruction that prepares graduates for a range of career opportunities in today`s world .Department also focuses on the graduates to practice the ethics of their profession consistent with a sense of responsibility and the promotion of social justice, it also ensures that all the final year students do live projects in industries and are able to present the technical material orally and in writing.

Our well educated and highly talented faculty members encompass a wide knowledge of sub-disciplines of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Associations with faculty members from inter- disciplines, both within and outside the campus, are in vogue. The activities of the department include fundamental research, sponsored and consultancy projects, and are carried out with active participation of the students, faculty and corporate engineers.

Unique features

  • Internships, industrial visits, guest lectures, seminars, and technical workshops are all used to improve technical breakthroughs.
  • Alumni participation in student counseling, knowledge updates, curriculum development and placement is encouraged on a regular basis.
  • Faculty advisory system that works.
  • Cutting-Edge Research on the Technologies that Underpins the modern world.