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Department of Education

Education is the most pious job and educating the teachers is biggest responsibility which Education department of IIMT University is fulfilling to meet all the national and international benchmarks. The programmes in the department are scrupulously premeditated with the objective to endow students with knowledge, techniques of teaching process, presentation skills and jam packed contemporary skills. University prepare teachers with all the pre-requisites to handle the students at all the levels and become the motivator and facilitator to give direction to their hidden talents and interests and be a role model to them.

Unique features

  • Enables them to foster creative thinking among students at the secondary level.
  • Develops the skills to communicate with the help of Information Technology for promoting cognitive and effective behaviour among the students.
  • Develops among them the ability to solve the regular classroom learning problems, aesthetics sensibilities and research attitude. Develops awareness about the role of education in building up a democratic, secular and socialistic Indian society. University’s own IIMT Academy, IIMT Boarding School, IIMT Kids and IIMT Starz help in giving exposure of actual teaching, challenges and ways to surmount it.
  • Enables the prospective teachers to understand the nature, purpose and philosophy of Secondary Education. Develops among them an understanding for encouragement of students like, what they need, why they need and how knowledge has to be imparted.



Career Prospects

A Degree in Education leads to the career in academic specialization in all the Government and Private Schools. Apart from teaching candidates may be placed as administrators and supervisors for the educational institutions and department of education. They can also join B.Ed Colleges as teachers after completing higher education like M.Phil and Phd. in Education.