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The School of Basic Sciences is committed to imparting knowledge in pure sciences, which not only forms the foundation for further academic pursuits in science and technology but also acts as the foundation for students to pursue a career in research and higher-level teaching. The strength of the department is its highly qualified faculty and quality of academic education. All the faculty members are committed to guide the student at all times with their valuable suggestions.
The department organizes interdisciplinary workshops and seminars regularly for students. The department caters to the students in clarifying their doubts about different competitive exams. The department also imparts rigorous training and exposure to the students in computer education by introducing the latest state-of-the-art in the programming language and computer software to enable the students to perform statistical data analysis.

Unique Features

  • These programs have been designed as a blend of core science and interdisciplinary topics that will serve as a launching pad for attractive career opportunities in academia and industry.
  • The students, after successful completion of the course possess good theoretical as well as practical background of various concepts of fields related to physical and mathematical sciences so that they can pursue higher studies with the career of their choice.