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IIMT University with the legacy of a group of colleges since the last 25 years has shown unprecedented growth over the past few years in the field of research, innovation and research based academic planning.

At IIMT University, we believe in turning the vision into reality on virtue of our commitment and sincere efforts. Being an epitome of growth and prosperity, IIMT instills in each of its faculty members and students an inspiration to be an achiever. The students not only concentrate on their academics but also on technical creativity, research and innovation.

The University encourages the faculty and students to get involved in research and innovation through various funded projects, patenting of ideas and their commercialization through startups. Entrepreneurship inclination of students is encouraged & nurtured through startup support services with an aim to drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities.

In addition to Research Excellence, we believe in serving the mission of the Government of creating Entrepreneurs, based on an action plan aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and start-up guidance, training and providing hand holding support for start-up ventures to boost and encourage entrepreneurship .

The Centre of Excellence of Research and Development of the University is associated with MHRD-IIC IIMTU cell for unearthen the innovative ideas from the young minds and to conduct hackathons on problem statements, IPR cell to protect the intellectual property rights of innovations and new research and facilitate the patenting of ideas, EDP cell to motivate students towards entrepreneurship or rather to say job providers, Employability Skill Enhancement training cell which is providing training in association with Google, Redhat, ISRO-IIRS,Coursera, Intel etc. to enhance the skills of the students.

IIMT University has set a Business Incubator, approved by Govt. of India, Ministry of MHRD, MSME, powered by PUM, Netherland for areas engineering, technology, pharmacy, biotechnology and microbiology, in which we have expertise available to guide the students. We are also in the process of establishing collaborations with the business Incubators and TBIs of IITs and other national and international universities for mutual cooperation and hand holding support for technology and design advancement and exchange of ideas. The start-up units of IIMTU-BI have written a number of success stories in the form of commercialization of innovative products.

IIMTU Research Centre is driven by Research, Innovation, patents and projects with the assistance of our peers and partners, and committed to provide scientists, entrepreneurs and start-ups to the nation.

Best wishes,

Dr. Deepa Sharma

Advisor and Dean Research & Planning
IIMT University, Meerut

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