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IIMT believes in advancement with the feet strongly embedded in our strong foundations of goodness. University Social Responsibility activities are an integral part of the University curriculum.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve, IIMT University has initiated Covid -19 Awareness Campaign Programme to take all necessary action and to create awareness regarding glaring social issues as well as doing their bit towards the underprivileged sections of the society. IIMT University is wholly committed to the continued operation of COVID -19 and the health and safety of our people during this unprecedented time of global crisis.

The University is playing a laudable role in upliftment of the society by conducting USR activities time to time, the whole year round.

IIMT University’s Contribution for Our Nation

IIMT University is committed to serve the nation during this unprecedented time of global crisis (Covid-19) and will take all appropriate measures to protect people from this pandemic.

Chairman Shri Yogesh Mohan Gupta , Vice-Chairman Shri Abhinav Aggarwal and MD Shri Mayank Aggarwal presented the cheque of 1 Million to Hon’ble MP Shri Rajendra Agarwal as contribution to tackle Covid-19 and to ensure the continued safety of our people. This warm gesture is intended to protect not only the individual, but all community. We believe that together, we can combine our efforts to protect one another.


Adding to the far reaching glory of IIMT University, it was another milestone achieved by the College of Pharmacy to prepare a HAND SANITIZER to fight against Corona Virus and to protect the citizens from the dreaded pandemic. The alcohol based sanitizer is purely herbal that ensures maximum protection from germs. It is absolutely safe for the skin, prevents dryness and keeps it healthy. The sanitizer is much more advantageous than the chemical sanitizers available in the market. The product was initially tested and later circulated in the market. The low cost of the sanitizer along with its medicinal properties created waves through the market. The quality of the sanitizer brought a high demand from the customers. The result being that an order for 1000 bottles was placed in the first week itself.

In a very short span of time, the sanitizer was able to call for an order of 2 tonnes from Kuwait. The making of the sanitizer during the times when the world is finding ways to confront the dreaded Corona virus is indeed a laudable attainment for the College of Pharmacy.

Social Distancing (A motivational Video) to cope with COVID-19

IIMT University is pleased to be part of Covid -19 awareness campaign program in which everyone at home has the potential to benefit by engaging and sharing information via social media.

IIMT Media presents a short film “Social Distancing” video series featuring thoughtful coping situation through the eyes of IIMT Media professionals and team. In this video, these ambassadors discuss emotional well-being of individuals, negligence towards the precautions, family conditions during a time of particular vulnerability, practical tips to address the deadly effects of Corona Virus, and Message of Hope.

Here is the link to the videos and information resources: Click here