Entrepreneurship Development Cell


Entrepreneurship Development Cell is a star feature at IIMT University wherein this programme has been launched in Entrepreneurship to strengthen the entrepreneurship education & research ecosystem.

The growing interface between entrepreneurship and education is bridging the chasms which make entrepreneurship a distant career option. Lately, entrepreneurship education has emerged as a significant instrument for harnessing entrepreneurial potential and ensuring enterprise success. This confirms that today's youth is keen on putting their energies & ideas towards productive use by adopting entrepreneurship as a career. IIMT University believes to deliver such education through its portals which harvests job givers rather than job seekers by conducting skill development trainings to generate self-employment. With an aim to build Entrepreneurial culture among students, the EDC regularly organizes Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and Faculty Development programmes. An entrepreneurial eco-system is thus created where students are motivated to take up entrepreneurship over job. Frequently organizing talks, lectures, interaction with young, successful Entrepreneurs who share their journey from student to entrepreneur. The university invites ideas from students which are further sent to MSME for approval, successfully achieving many entrepreneurial grants building a funnel for ‘Start-up India’ campaign